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Welcome to my site.


Thank you for taking the time to read my story.


You are much appreciated.

My name is Jon Allon.

I was born in Pittsburgh in 1980, as where the jonallon80 came from. I’ve always been into shoes, though never owned too many when I was young. I used to scheme and plot for money, just trying to get a pair of Reebok Pumps or Nike Air Jordans. After choosing the wrong path in life many times and paying the price in juvenile institutions and adult jails, I finally moved to Florida at the age of 24.

When I was in Florida I searched for my calling. Something that i would enjoy doing and could be passionate about. I was making a little money so I started to buy kicks again. One day I messaged a guy on Craigslist for some south beach Lebron 8’s I was buying as a gift for my brother. We met and I bought the shoe. He mentioned to me that he had a townhouse so full of shoes, that his baby’s crib was right in the middle of all the boxes. I left that meet up and before I even pulled out of the parking lot, I knew this was it. Everybody told me don’t do it, and I must be crazy to buy tons of shoes, let alone that weren’t even my size! I ended up buying over 200 pairs from the guy. All classics, OG stuff, limited heat, everything! With receipts and well stored. I began to sell local, with no luck except $100 a pair offers. I then turned to eBay.

After selling pairs and losing money on most of them as I learned the way, I started to develop reputation and some positive feedback. I didn’t want any social media, but my friend made me a IG page. I started to post kicks and received a lot of hate from the sneaker community. Many people at that time were bitter towards resellers and said we were ruining the shoe game. I remember starting to go to shoe conventions and they were very small and not much heat around. Prices were way lower. Barely anything went over a thousand dollars! I continued to buy collections locally and sell any way that I could, any time that I could. I was fully dedicated to the shoes like any other job. People knew I was good money and fair with my offers, so a lot was coming in always from my Craigslist ads and word of mouth. Buyers also knew my kicks were legit and I was serious about authenticity. Never dealing with fake early releases or other suspect stuff on the market. So the sales end of it was blowing up too.

A good friend of mine Marc Elkman said he had a blessing for me and wanted to introduce me to an NFL player friend of his. He did just that and Davone Bess and Marlon Moore from the Miami Dolphins became my first Pro Athlete clients. After doing great business with them, they started to refer people. Then those referrals referred people, and so on. I got so busy that I had to limit my local sales and going to a lot of shows and stuff. I was very focused on my career. I opened a store called Sneaker Kings in east Boca Raton, to try to reach out and serve my heat to as many people as possible! The store was great for a year, but at the time I was going through a divorce and also fighting for custody of my baby daughter, which didn’t leave me much time to be there. It’s hard to depend on anyone to do business the exact A1 way that I like to do it, so I closed the store down sadly. I continued to hustle and grind the way I always did, and my following, clients, and sales continued to go up. I decided then to make a website, and find a way to give everybody access to my inventory and heat that I tend to hoard.

I opened one with Go Daddy, which wasn’t the vision I had. It was a selling station with pics of shoes, like almost every other sneaker website out there. That isn’t me though. I wanted an experience. Something people can look at to know why they shop with me. A store you know your shoes are authentic. A store you buy and know your shoes are shipping out that day with tracking, not leaving you wondering if and when they will ever go out, only to get an email a week later saying sorry, they are sold out. A store that reads your emails within minutes of you sending them, and replies quick. A store that gives you above and beyond excellent customer service like you should receive when you shop anywhere high end. Not the horrible experiences that most people get stuck dealing with in the shoe game nowadays. An honest store that sends you exactly what they tell you, including mentioning all flaws and conditions. A store that appreciates you shopping there and likes to do stuff for our customers and go the extra mile to help…from gift wrapping, to free giveaways, to last minute shipping, to whatever the request may be.